About Us

GirlUp is an initiative which was founded by the United Nations in 2010. GirlUp supports and aids various UN agencies while focusing on adolescent girls. For centuries, gender inequality has persisted in our society which has suppressed the voices of women. GirlUp helps bring women from around the world together to share their voices and opinions.
GirlUp Meerut is a newly founded regional GirlUp club which plans to contribute to the entire GirlUp campaign. We focus on improving the lives of underprivileged girls in our community. We also aim to expand our movement by holding webinars for various schools.Through these webinars, we plan to spread awareness and try to curate different ideas while ensuring that we sensitise young minds about the cause of Gender Equality and teaching them why it is necessary.  GirlUp Meerut plans to extensively work on-ground and help these women directly by providing them with basic amenities such as food, books, clothes, masks etc. To successfully carry out our on-ground work, we plan to raise funds both online and offline, Especially in these uncertain times, we wish to bring a spark of hope in these girls’ lives.We believe that to empower young girls we have to make an impact on every section of the society. GirlUp Meerut also aims at educating young women about their rights and how to exercise them. We look forward to your support in this new endeavour towards achieving gender equality in our society. GirlUp Meerut wishes to take this movement to greater heights.
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